Bring a Client to WordCampMpls

I mentioned this at the local WordPress Meetup last month and I saw a lot of light bulbs go off. If you deliver WordPress sites to your clients, you should think about purchasing them a ticket to WordCampMpls.

Networking Opportunity

You’ll get to spend the day with your client helping them learn more about WordPress. We’ll even include lunch in your $20 purchase. So you can sit and talk with them about the things they learned in the morning sessions and talk about the things they may want to add to their site. You’ll also get the chance to hang out with them over beers and food at the official WordCampMpls after party at WerkPress.

Hard to Get Client’s Undivided Attention

It’s hard to get your clients to take the time to really learn about what it is you do for them. WordCamps are a great way to get together with your clients and they would never guess it only cost you $20. Take advantage of the great opportunity.

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