Talking WordPress and Happy Joe on Genesis Office Hours

Yesterday I was on Genesis Office Hours “Where Veterans Meet WordPress” hosted by Carrie Dils. It was a Veteran’s Week special and I was joined with James Dalman, Happy Joe founder. James and I are working together to try and make a difference for Veterans looking to become entrepreneurs or to work in the tech industry. Happy Joe is an amazing organization that you’ll see lots of great things out of in the future. Check out the video and you can learn a little about what we are trying to do at Happy Joe.

Pinball Wizard

Yesterday I shot some video on my phone of my daughter playing pinball. I tend to shoot lots of video that I never edit, so I forced myself to just bust out an edited video in a few hours. It isn’t perfect but that fits my new philosophy of sharing the things I do.

So next time you think you need to perfect the thing you are working on, forget it and just publish it.