Listening to podcasts at 2x

Why 2x (double speed)

As more and more great podcasts are coming out, I have been finding myself not being able to listen to all the episodes I am interested in. The biggest reason I have needed to do this is the 5by5 Network. Dan Benjamin is really rounding up some great content with the top names in Apple, Productivity, and Web Design in general.

What am I missing?

The podcasts I find myself listening to most are:

The podcasts I’m planning to check out and see if they can be added are:

So how do I do it?

I use an iPhone app called Instacast. Instacast is great because it lets you subscribe to podcasts and can even cache them for listening in times when you don’t have cellular coverage. It doesn’t cap your downloads at 20MB like iTunes on the iPhone does. Plus it gives you an option to listen at 1x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds. At first it seemed a little bit weird because it does pickup the tempo by… yup, 2x! It doesn’t really sound like chipmunks because it seems to maintain the pitch when it is sped up. I told myself I’d give it a week and see how I felt about it then. At this point I can’t really see myself giving up the ability to cut my listening time in half.

All of the podcasts I listen to also publish show notes on each episode, so I use the podcasts for an overview to the subjects. Then if I hear something I’m interested in learning more about, I go back to the show notes and research the topic from there. I have even gone back and listened to a few sections again.

Yesterday I tried to go back and listen to The Talk Show at standard speed and it felt super slow to me. Give it a shot for a week or so and see what you think…

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